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Episode 5: Dr. Brian Blank

Dr. Brian Blank is the founder of Ember Modern Medicine, a direct primary care practice here in Greenville. In this episode, Dr. Blank discusses his life before medicine and how he found his way to the Upstate! The episode explores the benefits of a direct primary care model and why he loves it.

North Main Neighbors:

The Blank Family

Some people have a knack for sparking our curiosity. The most inspiring amongst them are memorable communicators. With their charisma and clever, concise delivery, they influence us to be better, to reach further, and leap higher. Some of these influencers are people we read about in books or see on television. If we are lucky, they are a family member with whom we share meals at our own dinner table. Between them, Laura and Brian Blank have been blessed with the good fortune of impactful role models found in each of these places.

Greenville News:

Ember Modern Medicine

Ember Modern Medicine uses the direct primary care model — patients pay a flat, periodic fee for a defined set of services — rather than a fee-for-service model. Ember offers memberships at $85 to $100 per month for adults, and $20 per month for children. These memberships include unlimited visits each year, basic in-office procedures and diagnostic tests, discounted prescriptions, and discounts from Ember’s community partners throughout Greenville. It will also offer customized packages for small or medium-sized businesses

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