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Introducing Ember Aesthetics!

Ignite your confidence with our new skincare services. Schedule your consultation today. Learn More

Welcome Krishna M. Patel, DO

Ember Modern Medicine is excited to introduce our new provider, Krishna M. Patel, DO, starting in August. Take the first step to a more personal approach to medicine and join Dr. Patel's exclusive patient waiting list today. Meet Dr. Patel

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Introducing Ember. A member-based,
direct primary care practice with a
comprehensive, tailor-made
approach to health. Born in
the heart of Greenville,
we’re bringing back
truly relational care
with your doctor.


Ember Modern Medicine brings together multi-faceted healthcare services in one location, allowing our providers to work closely with one another under one roof. We serve patients of all backgrounds and age groups, from newborns to elderly adults and everywhere in between. We offer unlimited office visits, walk-ins, virtual visits, and home visits, as well as corporate programs for your business.

If you’re looking for care options that empower you on your health journey, Ember Modern Medicine is a perfect fit. Our transparent, up-front monthly memberships creates a simple and stress-free healthcare experience. We’ve put the benefits of authentic patient/practitioner relationships at the center of our mission and invite you to join us in building a community committed to revolutionizing what it means to be at the heart of good health.

Ember Providers


Founder | Ember Modern Medicine

Dr. Brian Blank is a family medicine physician and the Founder of Ember Modern Medicine.

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Ember Modern Medicine

Dr. Krishna Patel is a family medicine physician at Ember Modern Medicine.

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Nikki Vaughan, RN, BSN

Ember Modern Medicine

Nikki Vaughan, RN, BSN is a family medicine nurse at Ember Modern Medicine.

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What is Direct Primary Care?


Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative, stress-free alternative to today's somewhat flawed and unpredictable healthcare and health insurance systems. DPC uses a membership-based care model that gives patients unlimited, direct access to their provider, enabling them to establish a long-term, authentic relationship. With no third-party billing and flat, predictable monthly fees, DPC patients have more positive and productive relationships to health and wellness.

Interested in joining our health-conscious community of members? Contact Ember Modern Medicine today to discover the many benefits of subscription-based care.

“Our focus from day one is to change the way healthcare happens here in Greenville -- respectful, affordable, and caring. It's a better experience for everyone, just how medicine should be.” —Dr. Blank

Recognition of Excellence

What Ember Members Are Saying

“For 15 years, I've been to countless doctors, had a multitude of tests, explored homeopathic medicines and the list goes on. At Ember, I have finally found a doctor that LISTENED to me. That BELIEVED in me. And that FOUND an answer. Dr. Blank was the first doctor to actually listen, actually care, and actually fight for me instead of having to fight alone for my health."

"This is the future of medical care. The staff was kind and the whole experience from start to finish was pleasant and professional. You get the expertise of a 'regular' primary care provider without the stuffy office building feeling. Where else offers drinks and snacks at the door? I highly recommend Ember to those looking for a comforting vibe and a real connection with their doctor, all while receiving top quality care."

“I never write reviews but felt that I needed to share how great Ember Modern Medicine is from someone with a phobia of medical doctors. Dr. Blank is the best! For once, I am not terrified to go to the doctor's office. He meets me where I am at and is never pushy. He spends the time listening to all of my concerns and always answers my questions. I keep telling people about him and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a doctor that genuinely works with you and cares."

“Ember offers an option for business owners to offer healthcare to their employees. In this current hiring environment, finding and retaining talent is tough. Being able to arrange a package with Ember to help out employees while not impacting your bottom line as a business owner is a win-win. Dr. Blank truly cares about his patients and isn’t there to just get you in and out the door. You will leave realizing you found a doctor that truly cares about you.”

“I am officially 25 pounds lighter and halfway towards my overall health goal! I have always been the guy who worked out enough to believe I could balance a garbage diet. I was always the guy doing all the fad diets. I became the guy who recently received the diagnosis of prediabetic. It was a major punch to the face (and pride). Dr. Blank gave me a plan and the encouragement that I would not have to become that guy. So I committed. Right then and there. I have lost 25 pounds, I literally feel better than I have ever felt in my life, and I know that getting to my health goal is tangible and available!"

“Ember Modern Medicine is far from any typical doctor's office you'll ever experience, in all the best ways. No waiting upon arrival, no calling your doctor and waiting days to hear back. Same or next day appointments available, as well as the ability to text them! Prescriptions are called in super fast. They truly care and take the time to get to know you and listen. The practice is modern and inviting and super affordable for the outstanding care you receive. Can't recommend them enough!"

”I started my business two years ago and went full-time last year, leaving my job and benefits behind. I have thyroid issues so I need a doctor and medication. I scheduled a visit with Dr. Blank, and before I left the office, I became a member, had an exam while going over my medical records, and scheduled lab work the next morning. The next day, Dr. Blank called me with the results and sent my prescriptions over. This man and his office is life-changing, and I’m truly blessed to be a part of Ember Modern Medicine.”

”I am dealing with chronic health issues...Dr. Blank has been a godsend. I just started as a patient a few weeks ago, but knowing I have a healthcare partner who truly listens and gets back to me in a timely manner has given me a mental boost and relief to face all this with less fear. He is very knowledgeable and truthful, and I hope to return to my normal self. I no longer feel like I’m just fluttering in the wind by myself…Dr. Blank is a great primary doctor.”

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